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DeNure Tours / About Us

A Family-owned Canadian Business

Fred and Dorothy DeNure began operating sightseeing tours in 1960 with destinations that included day trips in the Toronto area and longer tours to Atlantic Canada. The business has grown to include further-reaching destinations throughout North America, Britain and Europe. Fred and Dorothy’s son Ray DeNure is presently overseeing the operation of the company as it continues to grow and thrive.

The DeNureTours headquarters is located in Lindsay, Ontario, just 90 km north-east of Toronto.

Where We Travel

Florida has been an important part of DeNure’s touring business since 1965. DeNureTours purchased property in Daytona Beach in 1973 and has become well known for ocean-side, stay-put holidays ever since. We refer to these stay-put type of ocean-side holidays as Winter Longstays, and we expanded to include Myrtle Beach in 1997, St. Petes Beach in 2007, and Destin in 2011. These warm destinations are popular for the economical transportation provided on our Express Motorcoaches.

In 1984, DeNureTours expanded to include innovative Touring Vacations in Europe. Destinations include England, Ireland, Scotland, the British Isles and Italy.

Cruises and coach tours began with DeNureTours’ Alaska program in 1985, and expanded to include Bermuda and the Bahamas. Then, DeNureTours combined its Express-based, stay-put holidays with Caribbean Cruises to come up with unique and popular holidays. Recently, DeNureTours has added River Cruising to the list of holidays for people to enjoy.

A Unique Motorcoach Focus

DeNureTours is unique in the motorcoach business because it focuses exclusively on touring and it uses its own coaches. This ownership of coaches allows better control over the touring elements of transportation, itineraries and staffing which makes way for a smoother, more care-free holiday. Owning the coaches and focusing exclusively on touring provides superior service to the customer.

DeNureTours is a proud member of the Ontario Motorcoach Association and the American Bus Association.