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DeNure Tours / Denuro Travel Rewards

What are denuros?denuros_logo

Denuros are our own form of currency, earned as rewards for use on future vacations. Denuros accumulate at a rate of 5% of the value of your tour. For example: On a tour price of $499, you would earn 25 denuros. Denuros cannot be earned on pre-tour hotel costs, taxi surcharges, insurance costs or taxes. Denuros can only be earned on the price of the tour.


How do I earn denuros?

By travelling with with DeNureTours

Every time you travel with DeNureTours you automatically earn denuros. You must travel twice with DeNureTours before redeeming your denuros. If you wish to redeem denuros today, you must have an accumulation of denuros from past tours for the total amount to be redeemed.

All of the advantages of the denuro rewards program apply regardless of whether you make your vacation plans through a travel agent or with DeNureTours directly.

Denuros are automatically calculated, and are added to your account on your date of departure. Your denuros accumulate and are tracked by our computer system until redeemed. One denuro has a value of one Canadian dollar when redeemed for free travel.


How do I redeem denuros?

By redeeming your denuros for a 5% discount

You can redeem denuros to reduce the price of your trip by 5% up to a maximum of $100 per person – there’s no need to watch for special dates, you can simply redeem them whenever you make your reservation.

By taking a free trip

You can redeem denuros by taking a free trip with DeNureTours. For example: On a trip that costs $600, you would redeem 600 denuros. You must accumulate and redeem enough denuros to cover the full cost of the trip. You must have travelled with us twice before and the trip must be at least 3 or more days in duration. There are a limited number of free seats per coach, so be sure to book your free trip early.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out how many denuros I have?

Call us toll-free at 1-800-668-6859, or send email to

How many denuros do I need for a free trip?

One denuro is worth one Canadian dollar when redeemed for travel. You must have enough denuros to cover the entire cost of a trip.

Can I pay for a portion of my trip with denuros?

No. You must accumulate enough denuros to cover the entire tour cost, except when applying an Early Booking Discount.

Can I combine my denuros with my travel partner to pay for one fare?

No. Denuros are earned on an individual basis and cannot be transferred or combined.