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There’s purpose in that paint!

Canada’s East Coast thrums with the sounds of sea birds, fiddles, and a Gaelic tongue that’s been spoken since colonists stepped off the boats in the 1600s. Maritimers share a common history, joined by hundreds of years of song, stories and salt spray. DeNure guests will feel this history up-close as we take in the unique culture that grows at Canada’s eastern edge, holding down the shore before it tumbles into the Atlantic.

We invite our guests to soak in Canada’s Celtic place, where brightly painted houses stretch for miles against ocean skies, their floors tested by the stomp of a cèilidh. Where menu boards are anchored by lobster and ale, rappie pie and partridgeberry tarts. Where a good milling frolic or a Miramichi kitchen party lifts spirits and turns faces glowing-red. And where drums are pounded and bagpipes are squeezed by a military tattoo dressed in tartans.

There’s something about the Maritimes – the vitality of the people, the crash of the ocean, the slower pace. Kind folks in every cove, their Celtic roots sprouting strong from ground and water, drifting between lines of wash and trollers.

Just one hour from Halifax, the colourful town of Lunenburg sits snug on the shore of southern Nova Scotia. Home to only 2300 permanent residents, Lunenburg was named the most beautiful small town in Canada, and is one of only two urban communities in North America to be named a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is how King Street earned its nickname as the “UNESCO fresco.” Most of the original colonial buildings stand today, their facades given a facelift with pretty paint in rainbow hues. Strolling the streets, the past has been preserved here like a museum. Chances are good you’ll hear a blacksmith’s hammer by the wharf, where you will find the iconic Bluenose II anchored.

Did you know?

Purpose in the paint: In the 1800s fishing boats were painted by their captains in the same bright colour as their homes. It was a cost-effective way to use surplus paint, and the unique colour map allowed for quick identification of boats sailing into harbour!

Come feel the magic of the Maritimes in every moment. Bring your curiosity, your camera, and your appetite! Take in 10 days of Canada’s Celtic Roots,” an experience designed just for you by DeNureTours.

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