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Keeping good Company

For 60 years, DeNureTours has offered travel experiences throughout Canada, the United States, Britain and Europe. As the song goes, we wouldn’t be where we are today without “a little help from our friends.” We are pleased to work with other trusted tour operators, coach companies and cruise lines to make your holiday a memorable one.

Travel Alliance Partners (TAP)

DeNureTours is a member of Travel Alliance Partners. Better known as TAP, this is a “By Invitation Only” partnership of 30 premier tour operators located throughout the United States and Canada. Each is a regional expert with new and unique itineraries and operates under the highest standards for business ethics and product quality. As a Corporation, we work together to develop and promote tour packages with the highest quality, the best value and the biggest variety. When looking at a new destination, we can use the local expertise of a TAP Partner either to help us plan, or to provide us with a great Guaranteed tour, knowing that our guests will travel regardless of how many people sign up. Tours operated through TAP Partners are noted with the TAP Logo.

Ontario Motorcoach Association

Trusted Coach Partners

From time to time operational issues arise and a rental coach is required in order to avoid the disappointment of cancelling someone’s holiday. We work directly with preferred regional partners who provide comfortable air conditioned, washroomequipped motorcoaches. So whether it’s Escape Coaches out west, Parsons in the east, Franklin in Ontario or any of our other coach partners, we’re all working together to ensure you have a great holiday.

Cruise Lines

Choosing a cruise line is more than just looking at itineraries. We want to ensure that our guests have a worry-free time aboard the ship, that’s why we include shipboard gratuities and the occasional excursion. Like us, our cruise line partners have a commitment to quality and customer service, and include Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean.

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