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September Update: Changes in Operation

A couple of months ago we surveyed guests and learned that the appetite to travel will be gradual, with Canadian destinations being favored and the timeline preferred by the vast majority is early 2021. We know and understand that the return to travel will be slow, and it will take some time for the entire travel industry to bounce back.

Earlier this summer DeNure was approached in regards to selling the building we run our operations from. This offer was accepted, however we will continue to operate in the same building in a smaller office space. With a large amount of staff currently working from their homes, and  the tremendous advances in today’s technology, maintaining a large office space no longer remains absolutely necessary, especially with a majority of bookings made online or over the phone.

As we continue to operate from 71 Mount Hope St. in Lindsay, we are eagerly anticipating getting back on the road this fall with our first tours departing on September 28th and October 1st on a Group of Seven fall colours tour.  Moving forward, all tours will comply with public health guidelines regarding controlled boarding and disembarking, reduced seating, masking, and enhanced cleaning protocols. Information on protocols can be found in our carefully crafted Clean Care Promise.

We look forward getting back to offering memorable travel holidays, just as we have for the past six decades

Update: June 2020

In the old days, I mean PC (pre-covid), in the month of June the staff at DeNure Tours would be getting all of the summer tours organized, putting the final touches on lists of travellers and getting tour directors, drivers and busses ready to go. We also would be well underway in developing a new  catalogue of tours to be distributed sometime in September for the coming year. But, not this June. The few staff that remain in the office are working hard to figure out how to operate whenever it is that we are allowed to get going again. As the month comes to an end, our coaches are sitting in our garage, and most staff are at home spending time with family, tending to their gardens and working on their golf game.

The travel industry, like many other industries has been profoundly affected by the restrictions on movement and gathering together. So, just for fun, we put together a very short survey to see what you think. We are interested in when you would be ready to travel and where you would like to go.

We have included our Clean Care Promise in this email to help you to understand that when our busses are back to work, we will do everything in our power to reduce the risk of contracting COVID19 while travelling with us. The Promise was developed as we usually do: consultatively within our business and within our industry. At the same time, I fully recognize that you do not need to take a holiday, you do not need to travel with us and that there are lots of other ways to get out and about.

I have included a photo of my father when he was just 24 in 1957 showing the fun and entertaining side of ourselves. We’ve had the pleasure of delivering holidays for six decades and we really look forward to getting back to that purpose.

Ray DeNure

Update: May 2020

Ray and The Great Auk

On February 11, 2020 the novel coronavirus was named Covid-19, on March 11 the World Health Organization labelled the virus a Pandemic, on March 13th Global Affairs Canada advised to “avoid non-essential travel,” by March 19th all of DeNure Tours travellers returned home and the border between Canada and the USA was closed to all non-essential travel on March 21. We parked our busses, closed our operations, locked the office and cancelled immediate departures including our much anticipated 60th Anniversary Party. We did manage to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a toast at the office.

As I re-read our posts for March, I recall thinking that DeNure Tours would be ready to start travelling right away.  We had departures scheduled for the end of April. Even in early April, we figured that our Newfoundland tours would be good to go starting mid-July.

How things have changed! People are now so comfortable with their face masks that they even wear them while driving alone in their cars. Zoom is a way to have drinks with friends and travel is very restricted.

Most travel companies are doing their best to keep the dream alive, to promise no-hassle refunds, anything to encourage new bookings. We have had some fun with postings on Facebook and our website including word puzzles and great photographs. The hard fact remains, though, that the travel industry for Canadians is shut down because borders are closed, self-isolation is essential, cruise ships are banned from many ports, and most of the worldwide fleet of aircraft are grounded.

I can see that travel is slowly coming back, but it is by families travelling in their own cars. I am encouraged by the success of the tentative steps being taken by hotels on beaches in the United States. Although the US federal leadership is very easy to criticize, it is the work and thoughtfulness of the countless individuals who staff the many hotels and restaurants that is paying off. Americans who live within a days’ drive of a beach are actually getting some respite from this lockdown. So far, it’s working. The regions with a safe, smart plan to restart the economy are re-opening successfully.

For DeNure Tours, we are staying put. All of our departures are cancelled through to the end of August, and further departures will be reassessed as news of border openings and safety precautions are provided. At the moment, we are taking bookings for departures in September for short duration trips within Ontario and Quebec to see the fall colours and theatre as well as for our Sunshine destinations in the US. Of course, we will be watching for guidance from health officials about the best way to operate and we will be sure that we do our part to stay safe. If we cannot travel, or we just don’t have enough interest, we will find a new departure date or refund cash back to you.

In the meantime, we’ll monitor the risk level assessments and precautions of Global Affairs Canada and Public Health Canada.

Have a good summer!

Ray DeNure

Update: April 2020

Ray DeNure

We hope wherever you are in the world - that you are healthy and safe. In an effort to do our part to help slow the spread of the virus and for the safety of our staff and guests, DeNure Tours brought everybody home in mid-March, closed our office and temporarily suspended all tour operations through June 30th, 2020. We thank everyone for your patience and continued support as we navigate through this unprecedented and evolving situation.

We are taking reservations for July and beyond. Let us know if you can still travel with us, we'd love to have you! You can always reach out to us at 1-800-668-6859 or info@denuretours.comwhere our reservation team is available to assist with all your vacation desires!

While we are all doing out part to flatten the curve we would like continue to share the things that inspire us and fuel our passion for travel! Over the weeks ahead we will be taking guests on a virtual vacation around the world! Join us on Facebook for travel inspiration, travel stories and more!

March 2020


The safety and well-being of our customers, staff and community remains our top priority. We're sharing with you the steps we are taking to ensure we limit any potential risks.   Effective Tuesday March 17th, our office will be closed to walk in customers.

DeNure Tours has also taken measures internally to minimize the risk to our employees. This includes encouraging staff to stay home. We are also committed to providing regular prevention and best practice updates and following all government recommendations.

Due to these preventative measures, our staff numbers are temporarily reduced. However, we remain committed to customer service excellence and will make every effort to assist you in a timely manner. You can continue to connect with us by email:

Stay Informed: There is a lot of information and misinformation out there. We encourage you to refer to health and government agencies for current facts regarding the outbreak.

Recommended sources:

Government of Canada

Government of Ontario

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