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Take the stress out of planning your vacation with our most popular questions and answers.

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Are all tours by coach only?

While most of our tours have coach travel as the main element, some tours involve flights or a cruise. Tours involving a flight will have return airfare from Toronto included in the price. The tour director and motorcoach will meet you at the airport upon arrival. Cruise tours include transportation by coach to and from the port, and will have the cruise included in the price.

Are coach seats assigned?

All seating is subject to availability and is assigned on a first come, first served basis. For sightseeing tours, a seat will be assigned for you to take upon initial boarding. During the course of the tour, you will be asked to change seats in a rotation system to offer each passenger different seating positions in the coach. For express departures, seats are assigned for the duration of the southbound and northbound portions of your trip.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

Most of the facilities and attractions we visit are accessible by wheelchair. DeNure Tours will carry your fold-up wheelchair or motorized scooter in the luggage area of the coach, but we have limited space and can only accommodate them on a first-come, first-served basis. Please advise at the time of booking that you will be bringing a fold-up wheelchair. We regret that DeNure Tours cannot provide individual assistance to passengers for mobility, walking, or other personal needs. If you require assistance that cannot be provided by a person accompanying you on one of our tours, we may be unable to accept your booking. Please advise at the time of reservation of any special needs, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are there washroom facilities on the coach?


Can I arrange a longer stay in a location after the tour is over?

It’s your holiday and we want to make it just right for you. For tours involving flights, we can arrange your outbound flight to arrive before the group, if you want to spend some time before the tour, or we can arrange your return flight later than the group if you would like to spend some time after. Please note that flights different from the group arrangements are subject to availability and pricing, and may be charged an additional fee by DeNure Tours.

Can I fly from someplace other than Toronto?

Yes, flights can be arranged to suit your location, but are subject to availability and pricing, and may not necessarily connect with the group flights. Prices quoted on the website and in the brochure depart from Toronto unless otherwise stated.

Can I smoke in my hotel room?

You may smoke only in a designated smoking hotel room. If you would like to request a smoking room, please advise us at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate this request.

Covid-19 Updates

Departures have been cancelled through to the end of August, and further departures will be reassessed as news of border openings and safety precautions are provided.  At the moment, we are taking bookings for departures in September for short duration trips within Ontario and Quebec to see colours and theatre as well as for our Sunshine destinations in the US.  Of course, we will be watching for guidance from health officials about the best way to operate and we will be sure that we do our part to stay safe.   And if we cannot travel, or we just don’t have enough interest, we will find a new departure date or refund cash back to you. In the meantime, we’ll monitor the risk level assessments and precautions of Global Affairs Canada and Public Health Canada. Find the most recent updates from DeNure Tours here

How active are the tours? How active must I be to participate?

The pace of a tour varies by itinerary, as each destination, its sightseeing and the activities are unique. Pacing is often subject to personal interpretation, but our trip pace indicator on each tour page may assist you in determining if a tour is suitable for you.

How can my family get hold of me when I’m on tour?

In your travel documents, you are provided with an extra copy of your hotel listing, which includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of the hotels you will be visiting during your tour. Leave a copy with a friend or relative, so they have a means of contacting you. In the case of an emergency, a relative may contact the DeNure Tours home office, and we will contact your tour director.

I have relatives in the place we will be visiting on the tour. Will I have time to meet up with them?

Before making any plans, please contact us to see what we have scheduled for a particular day. Arrangements can be made for you to meet with relatives and rejoin the tour later.

Is eating/drinking/smoking allowed on the coach?

Drinks must be in a travel mug or container with a sealed lid (no paper coffee cups or fountain drink containers). Bringing a water bottle is highly recommended. Please refrain from consuming any dairy or chocolate products. Save meals for breaks. Many foods have a strong smell which can disturb fellow travellers. Guests travelling in the United States should not bring fresh fruit, vegetables or meat onboard. Snacks that are ideal for motorcoach travel are granola bars, muffins, nuts, dried fruit etc. Smoking is not allowed aboard DeNure Tours’ coaches.

Is my trip guaranteed?

Some experiences require a minimum number of travellers in order to operate. If a tour is cancelled due to minimums not being met, you will be offered an alternative date if available or issued a refund in full.

Should I bring my cell phone on my vacation?

It is up to you if you would like to bring your cell phone on your vacation with you. Our staff can be reached if there's an emergency, so it's not required of you to have a cell phone with you. Ask some questions from your provider when taking any cellular or tablet device outside of Canada. We have a few tips to ensure you do not come home to a large bill. Shut off ‘data roaming’ before departing Canada. Switch cell phone to ‘manual’ choice of provider (makes sure the phone does not automatically switch to a cell phone provider, especially near the border). Using and keeping ‘airport mode’ on the phone for duration of the trip will decrease the chance of accidental roaming charges (it also ensures the phone is not able to take any incoming calls. It allows the holder to be in charge of whether the phone is used during their travels). If turned on for even a couple minutes, the expense can be major if the phone tries to do any automatic downloading of emails or notices, i.e.. if the phone uses data.

What are the accommodations like?

DeNure Tours strives to offer you clean, comfortable, welcoming accommodation. We make every effort to find the best hotels available at a reasonable price. All accommodations offer a private washroom. Please indicate at the time of booking if you would prefer a smoking or non-smoking room (non-smoking rooms are selected by default). You may also request sleeping arrangements as two double beds, or one queen or king size bed. While DeNure Tours makes every effort to accommodate such requests, they are subject to availability and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Many of the hotels we frequent can be found through a simple online search, and will give you an idea of what to expect. If you have questions about a particular hotel, we’d be glad to find the answers. Please call our toll-free number.

Where will I meet the Tour Director when I fly?

You will be met a DeNure Tours representative at the baggage claim area of the destination airport. DeNure Tours does not have a representative at the departure airport. For example, if the motorcoach tour begins in Halifax, your tour director will meet you at the Halifax International Airport, not in Toronto. Please wear your DeNure Tours name badge, and secure the DeNure Tours luggage tag to your suitcase, for easy identification at the baggage claim area.

Why don’t I get an airline ticket?

For most tours involving a flight, you will not receive a traditional airline ticket. Many airlines have moved away from providing a paper ticket, and now issue what’s called an “e-ticket” or electronic ticket. Often, it is simply a computer print-off of your flight details and reservation number, which may or may not be requested at check-in or customs. If you have questions about your e-ticket, or if you are concerned that you did not receive it, please contact us.

Will I have access to banking machines on the tour?

Banking machines are widely accessible, but it may be difficult to find your particular bank, resulting in service fees. Most businesses throughout North America accept debit as a form of payment. When leaving the country, we also recommend that you let your bank and credit card companies know, and take steps to ensure that you can use your debit card if you wanted to have more local currency while on the road. Please note that outside of Canada, and particularly overseas, ATMs require a maximum 4-digit PIN number and often must be connected to your chequing account (rather than savings account).

Will I have access to laundry facilities on tour?

Accommodations for Express destinations in Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Destin and St. Petes Beach have coin laundry facilities available for your use. On sightseeing tours, your tour director can guide you to laundromats where necessary.

Will there be a tour director at the airport?

You will be met by a DeNure Tours representative at the baggage claim area of the destination airport. DeNureTours does not have a representative at the departure airport. For example, if the motor coach tour begins in Halifax, your tour director will meet you at the Halifax International Airport, not in Toronto. Please wear your DeNure Tours name badge, and secure the DeNure Tours luggage tag to your suitcase, for easy identification at the baggage claim area.

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