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Once a secret playground for U.S. Presidents, New Brunswick charmed with its rustic lodges, giant salmon, and pristine forests. Canada’s quiet province still wows with deep wilderness, quaint Acadian villages, coastal islands, the rarest whales in the world, and the highest tides on earth. Fly round-trip to Fredericton (8-days) or travel home by luxury motorcoach through Quebec with a stay in Quebec City (10-days).

St. Andrews by the Sea is a summer resort town with pretty architecture, a lovely National Historic District, and twelve species of whales just offshore – we’ll see them up close! Kingsbrae Garden is a 27-acre horticultural gem with 50,000 award-winning perennials, sculptures, and old-growth Acadian forest. Lift your spirits and stuff your face at a Miramichi kitchen party, and take in the show at Le Pays de la Sagouine, where costumed docents pay tribute to Acadian culture. A guided tour of Fredericton takes us back in time. Red brick storefronts are set against “The Green,” a neatly mowed elm-lined bank replete with sprinkling fountains and picnic blankets. Fly home, or finish your tour in Quebec City, where Europe’s old charm and cuisine magnifique lives on in Canada.


Hopewell Rocks

The sandstone Hopewell Rocks guard the Bay of Fundy like top-heavy Dr. Seuss soldiers. The highest tides on earth thin the waists of the spires twice a day with 100 billion tonnes of tidal water – enough to flood the Grand Canyon – shifting in and out at 10m per minute. These red cliffs were part of a massive mountain range millions of years ago that were older than the Appalachians and larger than the Canadian Rockies. Erosion did its best work here! Around the world, the tides change by an average of 3ft, but the Hopewell Rocks get hit with changes of up to 50ft, the height of a four-story building!

When the tide is out, walk the ocean floor, touch the striations of the “flower pots,” (so called for the greenery that clings to their tops) and stand beside dinosaur fossils. When the tide comes in, climb the stairs, breathe in the salty sea air, watch kayaks paddle about and trollers come and go, and take a picture of the 2.5 million shorebirds that arrive in July on their journey south!

• Free time in St. Andrews
• Whale watching cruise
• Kingsbrae Garden
• Guided tour of Saint John
• New Brunswick Museum
• Hopewell Rocks
• Shediac lobster lunch cruise
• Le Pays de la Sagouine
• Miramichi Kitchen Party
• Guided tour and free time in Fredericton
• Kings Landing
• Guided tour and free time in Quebec City*
• Sucrerie de La Montagne*

*10-day tour only

Accommodation, all highlights listed, Tour Director, Connections Program, all taxes 8-Day Tour: Return flight from Toronto, 7 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, 10-Day Tour: Flight to Fredericton, return motorcoach, 9 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners.

Prices are in Canadian dollars, are per person and include HST and TVQ.


Fly into Fredericton, St. Andrews

Fly to Fredericton, where you will be met by a DeNureTours Tour Director. After lunch we’ll depart for St. Andrews, one of the oldest and loveliest towns in the Maritimes with a National Historic District designation. Enjoy dinner tonight at the hotel with your fellow guests.

Stay: Tara Manor, St. Andrews
Nights: 2
Meals: D


St. Andrews, Whale Watching Cruise

After breakfast at the hotel we’ll head downtown to enjoy some free time in St. Andrews. This town is a treasure trove of beautiful architecture, steeped in turn-of-the-century charm. This afternoon we’ll board the Quoddy Link for a 3-hour whale watching cruise, where you will experience the unparalleled scenery and rich marine life of the area.

Arriving back in St. Andrew’s you can either choose to enjoy some free time downtown for the remainder of the day or return to the hotel and have dinner onsite this evening.

Meals: B


Kingsbrae Garden, Saint John

A unique venue awaits you this morning as you visit Kingsbrae Garden. It is a multi-award winning, 27 acre horticultural masterpiece that celebrates St. Andrews’ heritage of fine gardens. Over 50,000 perennials in themed gardens, ponds, streams, old-growth Acadian forest, various animals and birds. Kingsbrae Garden is home to dozens of remarkable sculptures and a stunning art studio.

In the afternoon, you’ll travel to Saint John, a port city and the oldest incorporated city in Canada. After a city tour, you’ll have the evening to explore on your own.

Stay: Hilton Saint John, Saint John
Nights: 1
Meals: B


New Brunswick Museum, Hopewell Rocks, Moncton

The New Brunswick Museum provides a remarkable introduction to New Brunswick’s rich cultural history and diverse natural environment. You will discover stories of the province’s past and present on three floors of creative exhibitions.

Next we’ll travel to The Hopewell Rocks, where you will enjoy lunch and a guided tour. The rock formations stand 40-70 feet tall and are caused by tidal erosion. Although the tides vary from day to day, the high tide can reach up to 16 metres (52 ft) giving the Hopewell Rocks one of the highest average tides in the world.

Arrive in Moncton late afternoon where you’ll have a free evening to enjoy the city.

Stay: Hotel Beauséjour, Moncton
Nights: 1
Meals: B, L


Magnetic Hill, Shediac, Le Pays de la Sagouine, Miramichi Kitchen Party

Prepare to be amazed when we stop at Magnetic Hill this morning. Watch cars roll uphill in total defiance of natural law. This attraction is a completely natural phenomenon unique to this area. Then it’s off to, Shediac. Known as The Lobster Capital of the World. Stop and have your picture taken with the world’s largest lobster followed by a lobster lunch cruise.

This afternoon we’ll make our way to Le Pays de la Sagouine, an island where Acadians celebrate. Experience this living village, set in an enchanting, natural setting where theatre, music, comedy and dance are featured daily with live performances, rain or shine.

End your day with a Miracmichi kitchen party. Discover the music of the region as people gather to enjoy good food and good music – a true Maritime tradition!

Stay: Rodd Miramichi River, Miracmichi
Nights: 1
Meals: B, L, D



This morning, travel to New Brunswick’s capital, Fredericton. After lunch, enjoy a city tour with a local guide where you’ll learn about its rich culture and riverside beauty. After checking into your hotel late afternoon, enjoy a free evening to explore.

Stay: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fredericton
Nights: 2
Meals: B


Free Morning in Fredericton, Kings Landing

Enjoy a free morning in Fredericton and following lunch head to Kings Landing, a living history museum representing rural New Brunswick during the 19th and early 20th century. Travel back to the 1800s as you explore original buildings from the 1820s-1920s and watch people in period costumes go about their daily chores. This evening, enjoy dinner and entertainment onsite before returning to your hotel in Fredericton.

Meals: B, D


Travel to Quebec City (8-day guests fly home)

After breakfast at the hotel, travel to Edmundston and enjoy some free time for lunch, then continue on to Quebec City for two nights. Enjoy a free evening to explore the cobblestone streets lined with bistros and boutiques.

Stay: Hotel Clarendon Old Quebec or Hotel Palace Royal, Quebec City
Nights: 2
Meals: B


Quebec City

This morning enjoy a city tour with a local guide who share stories and history of this famous city. You will then have a free afternoon to explore on your own. In the evening enjoy a farewell dinner with your fellow travellers.

Meals: B, D


Travel Home

As you travel home, stop at Sucrerie de la Montagne where you will experience an authentic “sugar shack”. Designated an official Québec Heritage site, the sugar shack transports you back in time and provides you with a glimpse of life as it was for Québec pioneers. Enjoy a lumberjack lunch and some local entertainment before continuing on your homeward journey.

Meals: B, L


  • Sunscreen is an essential product to have, regardless of the climate. Since UV exposure is unavoidable, a hat and sunglasses are also suggested for your protection, even in the winter.
  • Mosquito repellent can prove useful in wooded areas or in the evenings in some regions.
  • Comfort is important when on vacation. Bring comfortable walking shoes. And loose, casual clothing is suggested to keep you cozy.
  • Pack extra batteries and memory cards for your camera.
  • Always pack an extra jacket or sweater in case of inclement weather or cooler evenings. DeNureTours recommends you dress in layers, so you can add or remove layers if the temperature rises or drops.
  • Use every corner, nook and cranny of your suitcase when packing. Rolled sweaters and bulky clothing occupy less space, but clothing that wrinkles easily should be laid flat. Roll socks or underclothing and pack them into shoes, and slip smaller items into side pockets.
  • Use sample-sized toiletry items and always transport containers of creams and liquids in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Keep an extra set of keys for your luggage.
  • Always prepare for the possibility of rain. An umbrella, or rain jacket will easily fit in your luggage, and could prove to be the most useful article you pack. When travelling as a couple, bring two so neither person gets half wet.
  • Pack your bathing suit.
  • Pack a good book, or a deck of cards to keep you busy during free time.
  • Leave items of monetary or sentimental value at home. Costume and faux jewelry always travels well.
  • If you require corrective lenses, pack an extra pair of glasses or contacts.
  • If you wear dentures, and have a second set, pack them just in case. You’d be surprised how often these important items end up where they shouldn’t.
  •  Not all hotel rooms are equipped with alarm clocks. While most hotels offer wake-up calls, a small travel alarm clock might prove useful.
  • Couples travelling together may find it wise to split their belongings between two suitcases. If one suitcase should go missing, neither person is left without a change of clothes.


  • Remember to pack any medications or prescriptions in your carry-on and not in your suitcase in case of emergency or luggage misplacement. Medications should be packed in their original containers for security reasons.
  • Keep a listing of your recent medical history with you, including medications you currently take, prescription or otherwise, as well as allergies you suffer from, and any medical conditions you have. Carry the listing in your wallet, and leave a copy with your emergency contact person at home.


  • Identify your luggage with an identification tag as well as your DeNureTours luggage tags.
  • If you carry travellers’ cheques, record the numbers of the cheques and keep this list in a separate location. When travelling as a couple, put some cheques in your partner’s name so you both have access to funds.
  • Always carry your travel insurance policy with you, and read it carefully before you leave.
  • Always carry your passport, or other important identification on your person. Make a photocopy to keep in your suitcase.
  • Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your return date. This is a requirement for entering certain countries.
  • Always check the spelling of your name on all documentation you receive. Often, your travel documents must match your passport or birth certificate. It is imperative that your legal name be listed correctly on your documents. Failure to comply may result in your being denied entry to a country, or boarding on an airplane or cruise ship. Name changes on documents may be subject to a change fee.
  • Use extra copies of your travel itinerary and hotel listing to distribute to friends or relatives, so you can be reached in case of emergency.
  • Keep a log of your purchases, including what you paid in foreign currency and the equivalent in Canadian dollars. This will assist you in filling out customs forms. Keep all receipts.

General Travel

  • Secure your home before you leave. Arrange for a friend or neighbour to pick up mail and check in periodically. Have someone cut your lawn (or shovel your driveway) and care for your property. Set automatic timers on the lights and television. Empty the refrigerator of perishables. Lower your thermostat to save on energy.
  • When flying, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and limit your intake of caffeine and alcoholic beverages.
  • To avoid circulatory problems on a plane or coach, walk up the aisle every hour or so. Periodically, stretch your legs, arms, shoulders and neck.
  • Arrive early for flights. DeNureTours recommends to check-in 90 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights, or 2-3 hours prior for international flights.
  • An inflatable travel pillow can make you more comfortable on long coach rides or flights. The U-shaped pillow keeps your head from rolling during travel, reducing the risk of neck pain.
  • Avoid the use of perfume or scented sprays on the coach or an airplane. These are confined spaces, so be courteous to your fellow travellers who may be allergic or sensitive to scents.
  • Get as much rest as possible before you leave.
  • Try your best to be flexible. Unexpected things can happen. Your holiday will be more enjoyable if you are open-minded.


Tips to waiters, taxi drivers, step-on guides, tour directors and drivers are a tangible way for you to express your appreciation for jobs well done. This practice, though customary, is voluntary and is not included in tour prices. As a guide to the amounts to tip, the following amounts are suggested:

  • Taxi Drivers – Drivers should be tipped 10% of the taxi fare.
  • Waiters – For meals that are not included in the tour price, tip waiters between 15% and 20% of your bill, but never less than $1.
  • Tour Directors and Drivers – A gratuity of $4 per person per day is suggested.

The pace of a tour varies by itinerary, as each destination, its sightseeing and the activities are unique. Pacing is often subject to personal interpretation, but our trip pace indicator on each tour page may assist you in determining if a tour is suitable for you.

Day-by-day itinerary descriptions can be found on our website or requested from our office. Generally, the more activities included, distance travelled in a day, or number of hotel changes, will increase the pace of a tour.

Some of the most unique sightseeing is found in locations that can be a challenge for motorcoaches, especially in historic areas. For your comfort, we recommend packing walking shoes so you fully enjoy every aspect of your holiday.

Tours with the highest “On-the-go” ratings require a level of activity that is not suitable for those who use either walkers or wheelchairs. If a trip pace is not ideally suited for you, our reservations team will be happy to help you find your perfect vacation.


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