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Oberammergau 2020 - Postponed to 2022

Be part of history in 2020! DeNureTours offers the unique opportunity to watch the famous once-a-decade Passion Play in quaint Oberammergau, Germany, touring Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein en route!

When in Rome, do as Romans do! Walk the historic sites, dine al fresco on pretty piazzas, and soak in romance at every turn! Visit the ancient monuments: Capitoline Hill, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Vatican Museums and, of course, the Colosseum! Once clad in travertine with marble statues between grand arched columns, Rome’s great gladiator arena is no less impressive today.

Travelling north through the vineyard hills of Tuscany, stop for lunch in Pisa near its Leaning Tower, and pop over to Florence – birthplace of the Renaissance – for a tour of its magnificent palazzi (palaces) and 15th-century buildings that hold innumerable works of art. The entire city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site! Before we depart, spend a day touring the teal lagoons of Venice by foot and by gondola! Addio, Italia!

Guten Tag, Switzerland! Explore the gorgeous lakes, promenades, incredible architecture, and steep cobble stone streets of Lugano and Lucerne, surrounded by mountains and stunning in every way! Then pass through fairy tale Liechtenstein – one of the world’s smallest and richest countries – on the way to quaint Oberammergau. Tucked in the Ammergauer Alps, the unique Passion Play is one of the world’s oldest performances.

Passion Play

In 1633, Bavaria was in the grip of the bubonic plague. The townspeople of Oberammergau pledged to God that, if spared from the disease, they would show their appreciation each decade with a stage play depicting the passion and death of Christ.

For over 380 years, the world’s largest and most famous Passion Play has taken place in Oberammergau. Seven hours long with a meal served during intermission, the play depicts the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ. It involves over 2,000 amateur performers, musicians, and stage technicians, all of whom are residents of the village. In fact, a special law makes sure that all participants (from the parts of Jesus and Mary down to the firemen and ushers) must be born in Oberammergau or have lived there for at least 20 years!

2020 marks the 42nd Passion Play in this quaint village at the edge of the Bavarian Alps, and 500,000 visitors – over half of them international guests! – are expected to attend. Why not join them?

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