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DeNureTours is a member of Travel Alliance Partners, LLC(TAP). Travel Alliance Partners, LLC, better known as TAP, is a “By Invitation Only” partnership of 30 Premier Tour Operators located throughout the United States and Canada. Each is a regional expert with new and unique itineraries and operates under the highest standards for business ethics and product quality.

We work together to develop and promote tour packages with the highest standards, the best value and the biggest variety.

Because of this affiliation, we have the ability to offer exclusive “Guaranteed Departures” This means two very important things to you:

  1. You are assured that your dream vacation will operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be cancelled due to lack of participation.

  2. You are assured of a quality tour. We only participate in tours that match our rigorous standards of quality.

Please note that prices listed in the TAP brochure are in US Dollars, please call our office for more information 1-800-668-6859

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